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The Launch of the Bike Law/Uptown Cycles Women’s Team

Uptown Cycles has partnered with Bike Law to form a women’s-only recreational club and amateur race team!  The new BL-UC team was formed as a branch of 36th Street Racing.  We have a assembled a team of fast, talented women.  As a group, we participate in every discipline on the bike: road, MTB, cross, and track.


The women on our team have full time jobs and/or school, plus families, social lives, and other hobbies.  We ride and race because we love the sport and want to increase awareness and visibility of women in cycling.  We want to ride safely as representative of Bike Law and as members of the community where we live, work, and drive.  We want to embody the 36th Street spirit of inclusiveness by making cycling accessible and friendly to women entering the sport.


We also want to push ourselves and help one another achieve peek performance in our individual goals.  We will train hard and have lots of fun doing it!  We are very excited about the season.  Get ready to see us win races, get muddy, do track stands, change tires, climb mountains, give lead-outs, take QOMs, win sprints, and have a blast doing it!


Team Roster:
Ann Groninger
Christy Daniel
Danielle Nelson
Karen Muehl
Laura Dishman
Jeanie Koechley
Stephanie Cole
Allison Foil
Christina Zikeli
Julia Engel
Michelle Moore
Mary Steele
Sandy Cardwell
Ashley Arnold
Christylee Griffin