Remember. It’s a group ride, not a race. If you like to ride by yourself, race at your own pace, have difficulty adhering to rules, or following a ride leader, then a 36SR ride is not for you.

Some of our rides feature a “no drop” policy. “No drop” means the ride leader or a sweeper will stay behind all the other riders in the group. It also means we will regroup periodically until everyone catches up. No drop also means we will try to assist you (within reason) with any mechanical problems you encounter along the way. However, you are expected to know how to fix flats yourself and to show up with a well maintained bike with fully inflated tires.

• Helmets are required. No exceptions.
• No earbuds in ears, regardless of whether they are in use.
• Obey the laws & rules of the road.
• Do not run red lights.
• Do not cross the yellow line. EVER.
• If you must ride with aero bars, please stay at the back of the group.
• If you are at the front of the group, you are responsible for keeping the ride smooth & safe.
• Ride steady. Be obvious with your intentions and moves. Don’t cross wheels or stuff yourself into gaps.
• Ride no wider than two abreast. Although we assert & defend our rights as cyclists, we try to minimize our impact on motorized traffic.
• Respect your fellow riders.
• Keep it fun.

Ride Tips from Cycling in the South Bay

  • Maintain steady power. Steady on flats, slower on hills, faster on descents.
  • Give plenty of room around road hazards. Give wide berth to cones, potholes, sticks, big rocks, etc.
  • Call out road hazards.
  • Pay attention to upcoming stop lights. Anticipate when the light will change by watching crosswalk countdowns. Avoid panic stops and avoid running the entire peloton through red lights.
  • Accelerate slowly from stops, remembering that everyone behind is still standing.
  • Rotate in pairs. Get off the front if the partner wants off. Left side swings off to the left, right side swings off to the right. Keep steady speed when rotating off the front.
  • Control the lane.
  • Control descents. This is the hardest part to master, requiring a hard effort to keep speed on downhills until the rear of the peloton has completed the descent. Riders at the front cannot slow down until everyone has completed the descent.
  • Steady ascents: Slowing too rapidly at the bottom of the hill means those at the end of the peloton will accordion. Slow gradually while climbing and regroup after crossing the top. Gradually lift the pace again after the regroup.


MONDAY Bikes & Beer. 6p. 35 mi from Uptown Cycles. 1432 W. Morehead.

TUESDAY. RIDE IS OVER THE FOR THE SEASON. Orr Rd is an informal bike training race in Charlotte, NC. The criterium style race is open to all road cyclists. Starts the first Tuesday after Daylights Savings begins. Ends approximately late September or early October. Held weekly on Tuesdays in the Northeast area of Charlotte, NC at the corner of General Commerce Drive & Industrial Center Circle. Racing starts approx ~ 6:15pm and runs between 45min – 1hr. Speeds average 27+ mph.

THURSDAY. RIDE IS OVER THE FOR THE SEASON #36SR Thursday Ride. 615p. 27 mi +/- from the corner of 36th & Yadkin. This is a no drop ride, but we ask that you be able to maintain a minimum pace of 16mph.

SATURDAY. Winter Bike League runs mid November ’til early Spring. Finished for the season. Will resume in 2017.

SUNDAY. #36SR Sunday ride. 9a from the corner of 36th & Yadkin in NoDa. Lead group rides at 21mph +, chase group rides “no drop”. Average chase group speed is 18.5mph.

36th Street Racing does not warrant the safety of routes selected for rides. Roads are NOT closed for cyclists. Cyclists ride at their own risk and assume total responsibility for their own safety. 36th Street Racing, its organizers and ride leaders will not be responsible for any injury or damage to any persons or property that may arise from participation in the ride. Rides are considered cancelled if it’s raining.