Thirty Sixth Street Racing

Est'd. 2010
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Let's Gooooo.

36th Street Racing is a group of cyclists rooted in NoDa, the arts district of Charlotte NC. While we generally find ourselves on the road, we’re by no means roadie snobs. Our mission is simple: Never take it too seriously. Ride bikes. Race bikes. Tell tall tales. Enjoy the occasional cold beverage. Share advice. Participate. Advocate. Go slow, look fast. Good times for the racing veteran as well as the first-timer.

Esprit de corps.

36th Street Racing hosts and participates in regular group rides, charity rides, and races in the area. Our rides are always mixed ability. We do our best to make sure that everyone gets to ride at a pace they can handle, with scheduled regroup points along the designated route. Non-members are always welcome.

Get home safe.

We ask that when you’re on the bike, be vigilant. Please use good judgement and common sense. Follow local traffic laws when riding: obey traffic lights and street signs, use hand signals, obey law enforcement, and when safety warrants, ride in single file to allow traffic to pass. Remember. It’s a group ride, not a race. If you like to ride by yourself, race at your own pace, have difficulty adhering to rules, or following a ride leader, then a 36SR ride is not for you.


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